How Church looks to My Neighbors

To most of my neighbors Church is viewed as “out there”. “Come to us, get saved, give us your time and money” is the message they hear. That message is not relevant to most people, but it is the message we the church are sending.  Clever marketing can bring people in but the effects are short lived.

My neighbors want a safe and vibrant neighborhood to call home, raise their families or retire. The question for me changed from “How do I get my neighbors to go to church?” to “What can we as individuals in our church (including the staff and pastor), do to make the neighborhoods we live in a healthier more vibrant place to live?

Jesus tells us. “Go into.., Love God, love your neighbor and make disciples. The message is simple. The course of action easy to understand. Discipleship is not about filling up the church seats but making active Jesus followers. The neighborhood is the perfect environment to accomplish this because its where we live 7 day a week.