The False Promise of Biblical Community


I hear the term “biblical community” frequently used and believe this is a true intention of those in ministry who promote it. The reality is has become to be more a marketing term than an true experiential one. We still do ministry the same way over and over again, but not getting the results we think we should. We attend an hour and a half meeting with some music and teaching. Go home. Attend another mini meeting at a home, go home. Then do it again the next week. The meeting culture of church organizations has fallen falls drastically short of what a biblical community actually is.

Historically it was much easier to experience fellowship when families were much larger and folks lived in one neighborhood most of their life.  Five to ten large families could fill a small church building. The families were in close proximity to each other and fellowship was much more than a sunday event. The demographics has changed drastically. Smaller families and a mobile population make fellowship opportunities harder to come by.

The real need for fellowship and encouraging peoples natural talents and spiritual gifts to flourish are replaced with the need to keep the church system running. I truly believe for the the most part that it is not intentional or the reason spiritual leaders go into ministry. The vehicle of ministry today has become a cage which millions of good people find burdensome, limited and inadequate to meet todays challenges. Those millions are are now fleeing to find relief and freedom.

Many people do not realize that the church system calendar and scheduling unknowingly revolves around the public school system calendar, the 9-5 job and sports television schedules. The Sunday hour and a half meeting schedule along with the other church event schedules unknowingly train new believers to adopt a system that benefits the system more than create the true community needed to meet our own challenges, the needs of the community or create cultural change.

Feed the machine is a popular term which rings plenty of truth in the church system people are fleeing from. Just yesterday I saw another plea for a seven million dollar fundraising event for yet another building. More real estate does not solve life issues or create true fellowship. A true community based on life enhancing principles do.

If you are seriously tired of the status quo when it comes to living a dynamic life of faith, I will show you what I have found that may address the biblical community challenge. It’s different and out of the box, yet it’s roots are deep. It is called The Fellowship Project and it is something to experience. Get in touch with me. Learn how you can be part of the project.