Why People Don’t Go to Church

The people at Oak Leaf Church went around the town asking people why they don’t’ go to church. As you listen to the answers, try to put yourself in their shoes vs thinking of good comebacks. You may find you will see and hear more than what’s being said.


3 thoughts on “Why People Don’t Go to Church

  1. a very interesting video.

    We hear what they say, but we aren’t listening to what they are saying… are we?

    Many have come out of the churches for many reasons… and many find no reason to go.

    If Christ is not there, He won’t be tugging at them to attend.

    Go ye unto ALL the world and preach the Gospel of Jesus…

    – go to them…

    – don’t try to denominationalize them…

    – point them to Christ.

    I have attended a particular church for four years (plus) now and I still ask the question: what on earth am I doing here at this place? I hear them say ” we are such a loving congregation”… would love to see this come to fruition. Hopefully I will see it some day.

    do you know you are the Temple of God?

    where three or more are gathered I am in the midst of them… the assembly.

    The big oops! The preacher’s kid says: there are many paths, many ways to God.

    She must not have been listening to her own father’s words… or, maybe he misunderstood too.

    Good video.

  2. I have enjoyed Dan Kimball’s new book “They LIked Jesus But Not The Church.” I also have enjoyed reading Micheal Greens “Avoiding Jesus: Answer for Skeptics, cynics, and the curious.”
    “Everything Must Chang” by Brian McLaren has been a powerful book as well.
    Another great one is “The Emerging Church: Vintage Christianity for New Generations” by Dan Kimball.
    “Adventures in Missing the Point” by Tony Campolo and Brian McLaren has been a powerful influence in my ministry and theology.
    Another book that I am excited about reading is “Creating a Prodigal Friendly Church” by Jeff Lucas.
    All of these books answer and deal with these questions.

    I want to say wonderful and powerful post.
    I will be back as I have added you to my favorites.

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